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Message from PRS founder, Sherron Mills

Pacific Reproductive Services was founded in 1984 specifically to serve the special needs of women planning alternative families - whether single or partnered and regardless of sexual orientation. While lesbians were most urgently in need of a progressive sperm bank, PRS recognized that many women who wished to become mothers often faced significant barriers and limited support. I believe that a sperm bank that is fully supportive and understanding of intended parents’ unique needs can make the donor insemination process easier.
Pacific Reproductive Services understands the societal, cultural, legal and financial issues all types of families face in the decision to pursue artificial insemination with donor sperm. Our mission and promise have always been to provide a warm, caring environment particularly sensitive to women forming alternative families.
In 2015, as I began contemplating retirement and passing my “professional baby” to the next generation, I initiated a search for a successor that shared my values and would respect the role that PRS plays in the lives of our clients and patients, their children and our donors and employees. After a thorough search and careful vetting, I felt very comfortable with the team at Fairfax Cryobank, and they acquired PRS in August 2016.
Transitions always bring some questions and uneasiness, so I expect it may take a little time for everyone to settle in. I can tell you that Fairfax Cryobank is committed to following through with the very principles that made PRS special, including offering the nation's largest selection of donors "willing to be known" when a child reaches 18 and a wide choice of anonymous donors. Fairfax Cryobank will abide by the terms of our agreements with clients and donors, including those who chose the “willing to be known” program. Fairfax Cryobank’s donor screening and testing are first-rate, and with seven cryobank labs that literally span the country, they will continue to recruit a large and diverse panel of donors. The PRS Clinical Services team still provides fertility evaluations, cycle planning and insemination services in a safe, supportive environment in both Pasadena and San Francisco. It has been my honor to serve the PRS community for over 30 years, and I am confident that my legacy is in good hands.
Best wishes to all,
Sherron Mills

Update: As of 2019, the PRS San Francisco clinic has closed. Please contact the Pasadena clinic with questions.

Spotlight On

Donor #9759

This donor is pursuing his advanced degree in psychology and aspires to be a family therapist. He is funny, outgoing and loves film, comedy and hiking.

The Growing Hardy Family

These adorable twins will soon be joined by another sibling from the same PRS donor.


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