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Our Directed Donor Program Information For Your Directed Donor

Using directed donor sperm is a process in which you may be presented with unexpected medical issues that could arise as a result of screening your donor. To assist you in fully understanding the donor screening process, we require that you first have a phone intake appointment with one of our medical staff prior to screening your donor (see About Screening Directed Donors.)

Also, to consider other issues in selecting a directed donor, please see Considerations in Using a Directed Donor.

Below are the steps to get started:

  1. Schedule your intake appointment
    • Download, complete and submit the Registration Forms by fax or U.S. mail.
    • Call one of our medical offices to schedule your intake appointment.
  2. Have your donor screened at PRS
    • Have the donor schedule his first screening appointment - a phone interview to review his personal and family medical history - at your chosen PRS office. We will send the required forms the donor must complete and fax to us prior to this appointment.
    • Pending the results of the donor phone interview, he will be scheduled for his physical exam, lab tests and first sperm donation.
    • When the screening is complete, we will make an eligibility determination (required by FDA) and advise you and the donor of the results.
    • Sperm Quarantine: Federal and state regulations require certain quarantine periods. (see About Screening Directed Donors)
  3. To receive sperm, complete your registration process
    • Complete & send these New Recipient Forms by fax or U.S. Mail (info below).
    • Get Medical Clearance (see below): print this Medical Clearance Form for your clinician to sign.
    • Call us to request your insemination or sperm transport.

Once you have completed the items above, you are ready to start.

About getting registered
We are required by tissue banking regulations to obtain your basic contact information and informed consent to ensure that you're aware of medical and legal matters related to using donor sperm. If you have already registered online, you can disregard the registration form.

About the Intake Appointment
After you send your registration form, we will contact you to schedule your intake appointment, a very important consultation in which we will discuss the different types of reproductive procedures available and help you decide which would be best suited for you. We will also review with you how to order specimens and schedule sperm transport, if needed, and also our donor screening process and "willing to be known" donor program. (For clients living outside the San Francisco or Los Angeles area, these appointments may be conducted on the telephone).

About Medical Clearance
To screen for any pregnancy-related medical risks for you or your child, it is important to have a pre-pregnancy medical examination and laboratory tests. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area or the Los Angeles area, this can be done in a single visit to our office, and we can have you ready to inseminate in a few days. Alternately, you can get Medical Clearance from your own clinician (physician, nurse practitioner, nurse midwife or physician's assistant) using our Medical Certification Form, which you or your clinician can return to us.

PRS Fax and Mail Information
Southern California residents, please send all forms and correspondence to the Pasadena office.
All others, please send all forms and correspondence to the San Francisco office.

San Francisco office
Pacific Reproductive Services
444 De Haro St.
Suite 222
San Francisco, CA 94107
Fax Number: 415-863-4358

Pasadena office
Pacific Reproductive Services
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Fax Number: 626-432-6869