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How To Become a PRS Donor

Thank you for your interest in becoming a sperm donor. Donating sperm is giving the gift of life to a child and fulfilling the dream of parenthood for individuals and couples who rely on sperm donation to create their families. These new parents are forever grateful to our sperm donors.

Your Privacy
Pacific Reproductive Services places a high priority on your privacy and has policies, procedures and controls in place to guarantee your identity is kept confidential.

Limits on Number of Children
We place strict limits on the number of children conceived from our donors. During your interview, we will discuss our policies and the options for setting these limits for each donor.

Donor Criteria
PRS sperm donors must meet the following criteria:

  • between the ages 19 and 36
  • at least 5' 8" tall
  • in good health, and not at risk for sexually transmitted diseases
  • preferably, a registered college student or graduate, or - whether in training or on the job - a police officer, firefighter or EMT
  • from any ethnic group
  • able to make a 9-month commitment
  • able to make weekly visits to our San Francisco or Pasadena office
  • able to provide general information about your biological family's health history

The Donor Screening Process
Donor candidates are screened to ensure they are in good health, not at risk for infectious or genetic diseases and are able to produce sperm that can withstand the freezing process.

Once we receive your application, we will schedule you for a telephone interview for a brief information exchange. If mutually agreed, the screening will proceed as follows:

  • You will have an appointment to collect a semen specimen in a private donation room in our office to be tested for sperm count, motility and ability to withstand the freezing process.
  • We will then schedule you for an in-person interview to review information about you and your family’s social and health history and examine another semen sample.
  • The final screening appointment will include a complete physical examination and collection of sperm, urine and blood for comprehensive testing.

If you meet all screening criteria, you will be accepted into the program and awarded a signing bonus of $300 (another $200 is awarded when you have completed the program).

Going forward, you will earn $100 per acceptable donation. Most donors donate weekly over a period of several months.

Donor Responsibilities
Under California law, sperm donors have no parental rights or responsibilities to any children conceived from their sperm. California law says that a man who provides his semen to a licensed sperm bank for the purpose of inseminating a woman who is not his wife, is not seen as a natural father to any subsequent offspring. Thereby, the parental rights of the recipient of the sperm are protected, and the donor is protected from having parental responsibility. You will be asked to sign a legal agreement acknowledging this law. We limit the number of offspring per donor to a small number of families worldwide and the anonymous donor's identity is not revealed to the recipient or any children born from his sperm.

Donor Communication Options With Offspring
Some of our donors choose to be completely anonymous and have no future contact with offspring conceived from their sperm donations. However, many donor-conceived offspring, as they get older, develop a curiosity about their biological origins. With this in mind, PRS offers a “willing to be known” option for donor candidates to consider. This option is not required to qualify as a donor.

The "Willing To Be Known" program is for donors who are open to be known to persons conceived from their sperm when they reach adulthood (in California age 18). Being known means meeting with the person face to face, either in person or via Skype or other live video medium. After this meeting, the donor's obligation has been fulfilled and no further contact is required, unless both donor and offspring mutually agree to it.

To Become A Donor
If you are interested in becoming a donor, and live near our San Francisco or Pasadena office, please complete the Donor Initial Application On-line Form.

Alternatively, you may print and fax the PDF version of the form to our San Francisco office (fax: 415-863-4358) or our
Pasadena office (626-432-6869).

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader Here! NOTE: To download our Acrobat (.PDF) files, you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your system. If you don't have it installed, please do so (at no charge) by clicking on the logo at right.