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Sperm Standards and Price Comparison

As of January, 2022

Motile Sperm per Dose Dose size 1ml for ICI
and 1/2ml for IUI
ICI (Standard) 10 million
IUI Ready (Pre-washed) 10 million
ART (IVF) >6 million
Price Per Dose: Anonymous Donor
  PRS Competitor
ICI (Standard) $1005 $985
IUI Ready (Pre-washed) $1095 $985
ART (IVF) $695 $510 Each
Price per Dose: ID Release Donor
  PRS Competitor
ICI (Standard) $1125 $1130
IUI Ready (Pre-washed) $1120 $1130
ART (IVF) $720 $510 Each

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Important Information Regarding our Warranty: Sperm counts may differ as much as 20% to 40% among laboratories due to variations in methods and instruments used for sperm assessments. For this reason, the PRS warranty applies for variations greater than 30% when proper storage conditions are maintained by the recipient or her clinic and when pregnancy did not occur using the specimen. Warranty valid for up to 120 days after distribution, as PRS cannot guarantee storage conditions at other facilities.