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About Screening Directed Donors

PRS Provides the highest level of donor screening and testing in the sperm banking field
In deciding to select the PRS Directed Donor Program, you can be confident that your donor will receive the sperm banking field's highest level of donor screening and testing to help ensure your health and the future health of your baby. We exceed all federal and state donor testing regulations as well as standards set by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine and the tissue banking industry. We also conduct the most advanced genetics screening and testing in the sperm banking field.

Our Screening for Directed Donors
Donor screening is done in order to reduce the risk of the transmission of infectious and hereditary conditions, and to assess the fertilizing potential of the donor's sperm. The screening process is performed as follows:

  • The donor's first appointment is done by phone interview. It includes a review of the donor's medical and social history and his family's health history over four generations, as well as a review of the directed donor program requirements.
  • Pending the results of the initial interview and assessment, the donor may be scheduled for a second appointment at PRS for a complete physical examination and testing of blood and urine for infectious and hereditary diseases. He will also make his first sperm deposit, which will be analyzed for fertilizing potential and frozen.
  • The results of the physical examination, laboratory tests and semen analysis will be reviewed by the PRS clinician and a determination will be made regarding the donor's eligibility under government regulations and will be reported to you and the donor as soon as it is completed.
  • Sperm Quarantine: Sperm bank regulations require that directed donor sperm is either held in quarantine for 180 days, after which the donor again undergoes required infectious disease testing or that the infectious disease testing is performed within seven days of the donation date. If you plan to have your directed donor's sperm transported to another clinic, please check with them about their requirements.