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Short Profile - Donor ID#: 8302
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WTBK Birth Date Height Weight Blood Type Racial Group
Y April 1982 5 8" 170 B+ East Asian
Eyes Hair Color Hair Type Face Shape Skin Tone Body Build
Black Black Straight Round Light Brown Medium / Compact
Parent's Ethnicities
Mother Indian
Father Indian
  Immediate Family-Physical Characteristics   (as of donor application date)
Relation Birth Year Height Weight Skin Tone Hair Eyes Education/Occupation
FATHER 1947 5 8" 160 Medium Black Black Lawyer
MOTHER 1950 5 5" 120 Medium Black Black Teacher
BROTHER 1983 5 7" 175 Medium Black Black MBA
Occupation Education Career Goals Self Description Interests
Research Scientist / MBA student MD (in India) / MBA use MBA & MD to improve health care Very social, willing to help people Reading, writing, sports, travel
Considers Himself to Be More Donor Eyesight Donor Allergies CMV IgM CMV IgG Click to learn about CMV
  Analytical/Rational   Extrovert   Athletic
  Intuitive/Emotional   Introvert   Artistic
Normal none Neg. Pos.
Donor Medical History Family Medical History
None significant None significant
Note: Only pertinent medical history is listed.