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Short Profile - Donor ID#: 6739
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WTBK Birth Date Height Weight Blood Type Racial Group
Y September 1982 5 8" 150 A+ Mixed
Eyes Hair Color Hair Type Face Shape Skin Tone Body Build
Brown Brown, straight Straight Oval Medium Olive Medium / Athletic
Parent's Ethnicities
Mother Portuguese Polish
Father Spanish Filipino
  Immediate Family-Physical Characteristics   (as of donor application date)
Relation Birth Year Height Weight Skin Tone Hair Eyes Education/Occupation
FATHER 1952 5 8" 170 Olive Brown Brown Business Owner
MOTHER 1960 5 3" 130 Medium Brown Green Teacher
HALF SISTER 1989 5 2" 115 Medium Brown Brown Bartender
HALF SISTER 1985 5 0" 110 Dark Olive Brown Brown Artist
HALF SISTER 1993 5 1" 100 Olive Brown Brown Student
HALF BROTHER 1993 5 6" 120 Olive Brown Brown Student
HALF BROTHER 1973 6 3" 190 Olive Brown Brown Chef
HALF BROTHER 1991 5 8" 170 Olive Brown Brown Student
Occupation Education Career Goals Self Description Interests
Musician / Guitar Instructor BA Music & Hispanic Studies / Masters Classical Guitar University Music Professor Multi faceted, flexible, dynamic Writing poetry, hiking, yoga, running, philosophy
Considers Himself to Be More Donor Eyesight Donor Allergies CMV IgM CMV IgG Click to learn about CMV
  Analytical/Rational   Extrovert   Athletic
  Intuitive/Emotional   Introvert   Artistic
Normal Mild seasonal allergy Neg. Pos.
Donor Medical History Family Medical History
Mild asthma No Significant Medical History
Note: Only pertinent medical history is listed.