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Short Profile - Donor ID#: 6171
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WTBK Birth Date Height Weight Blood Type Racial Group
Y April 1979 5 10" 198 A+ Caucasian
Eyes Hair Color Hair Type Face Shape Skin Tone Body Build
Hazel Light Brown Straight Square / Oval Medium Large / Compact
Parent's Ethnicities
Mother Irish Cherokee
Father Irish Turkish
  Immediate Family-Physical Characteristics   (as of donor application date)
Relation Birth Year Height Weight Skin Tone Hair Eyes Education/Occupation
FATHER 1944 5 9" 165 Medium Brown Brown BA (Accounting)/Accountant
MOTHER 1952 5 1" 160 Light Brown Brown Blue AA Degree/Supervisor
BROTHER 1984 5 9" 170 Medium Brown Brown MS / Optics Engineer
SISTER 1982 5 5" 125 Light Brown Light Brown Blue BA (Journalism)/PR
Occupation Education Career Goals Self Description Interests
Actor/Writer BA (Theater) Be a successful actor/writer Goofballish, serious, sensitive and very witty Playing chess, reading
Considers Himself to Be More Donor Eyesight Donor Allergies CMV IgM CMV IgG Click to learn about CMV
  Analytical/Rational   Extrovert   Athletic
  Intuitive/Emotional   Introvert   Artistic
Glasses Environmental (pollen) Neg. Pos.
Donor Medical History Family Medical History
Mild asthma; mainly bothered when pollen count is high Mother - very mild asthma (no meds)
Note: Only pertinent medical history is listed.